free your mind 

free your mind 

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                     Welcome to Sat Nam Living! 

          The word satnam means truth is my name (my identity) 

Once we know who we are and what our own personal truth is........

        we begin to live a more authentic wholehearted lifestyle.  

                 Healthy mind, body and soul 

Are you struggling with physical, mental, or emotional pain? Maybe you suffer from depression and or anxiety? The modalities I will be using with you will help ease your immediate discomfort in a natural gentle way. The time we spend together, will help you discover what causes your dis-eases in life so you can make the right adjustments to life more happy and free. Isn't it time for you to discover yourself in a whole new exciting way? Only you can be the difference you want to see in others. It all begins with you!  


I look forward to hearing from you.