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My first energy healing session with Victoria was so relaxing and therapeutic. I felt soft vibration thru out my body. I could feel my mind slow down. The thoughts just stopped coming and I fell into a deep state of relaxation. A feeling of peace came over my entire being. The next day and the days after my session, I felt free and had more energy. I feel whole again. I will be scheduling more sessions. Thank you Victoria for your warm loving healing energy. 

-Stephanie M (world traveler/mystic/author) July 2019 

I first found Victoria in 2016 working at a healing spa. Her healing sessions then 

were so relaxing and amazing that it healed a bad shoulder I had without even me mentioning it to her. I saw Victoria on and off for almost a year. And I can honestly say it really changed my life to know a person as her. As a healer she is truly a compassionate soul. I was able to heal my childhood traumas. Bridge the gap with my family. And begin restoring  healthier relationships with everyone mostly with myself. The phone conversations with her were so needed and  she never charged me for.  The healing sessions that did its magic and helped me heal. So affordable and so needed.  And lastly, the crazy text msgs that were returned in such a timely fashion by sweet Victoria. Who always knew what to say at moments when I felt all hope was lost. A big huge thank you and gratitude to an amazing overall human being who helped me see the diamond in myself.  I love you V ! 

~Amanda S. (Gen. manager retail chain) June 2019 

This was honestly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Like bucket list experience. To escape the Vegas strip and to hike in the Red Rock Canyon was so special. The yoga and meditation took it to a whole new level. Victoria was divine and made everything so special. It was incredible to be able to do this with my team, they said it made their trip! Thank you so so much Victoria!

~Michelle S. (from Australia) National VP for Arbonne (Group of 14) May 2019

My experience with yoga, hiking, and meditation with Victoria was wonderful! The backdrop of the red rocks and the labyrinth made this an amazing context in which’s to start our day with yoga. We then discussed where we wanted to hike, deciding first to climb to a cave. Victoria was very attentive and offered options throughout our time together for tougher or easier routes. I picked the tougher ones. The ending meditation by a stream (how lucky were we to find one in the desert) was magical! Victoria is experienced in all three areas of this adventure. Highly recommend!!!

~Dr. Deborah R. (from Denver, Co.) 30 years relationship mentor) 

May 2019

I came into the experience trying to work through some things and about 5 minutes into the experience I realized this was exactly what I needed. Victoria made me feel completely comfortable sharing my pain and tried to tailor the experience to meet my needs. We did some amazing scrambles, she gave the adventure I needed but also left me feeling renewed. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants a sense of adventure along with some yoga and meditation to help clear the mind.

~Rachel ( from Detroit, MI) works for social services for the state)

 May 2019

The experience was incredible! She really guides you through nature and creates an authentic spiritual experience where you can truly let go of your stresses and begin anew. The yoga and hike was a great work out combination. The guided meditation was a wonderful way to end our day! Thank you Victoria for helping me reconnect with myself and nature. 

~Jenny (from Indianapolis, IN secondary social studies teacher) 

Feb 2019 

Victoria is the perfect hiking guide for yogi's. She not only guided me through Red Rock, she also taught me some new breathing techniques and yoga exercises. I had a wonderful experience! 

~Jessica (single mom of three from NY. working in non-profit education) Dec. 2018

A feeling I never felt before during my healing and meditation experience  with Victoria... peace. A deep inner peace. The conversations with her were lovely and lively. 

~Steve W. (author/screen play writer) Nov 2018

Victoria has a warmth that instantly makes you feel comfortable and helps facilitate the healing process better than I could have possibly imagined. 

~Heather (former stripper-culinary school graduate) Aug 2018


In my working with Victoria through her guided meditations and energy healing,  she has opened me up for deeper and better realities.  She is truly a gift to the planet. Her working with me this past year has improved my life immeasurably. 

~Bill G. (retired criminal defense attorney) Dec 2017 

Victoria is AMAZING ! I have not only had a great experience with her professionally, we were also able to develop bond and friendship.  Truly a talented and amazing woman. 

~Katelyn W. (professional golfer) Oct 2017

I have been seeing Victoria for 7 months now and my world has completely opened up. I started seeing her because I wanted to learn how to meditate for stress relief. I had no idea it would turn into so much more than that. I have done guided meditations and healing sessions with her and I have learned so much about myself. I have made meditation a daily practice and I see Victoria weekly. Over the past few months I've started getting even more connected to the universe. Its not only relaxing but its exciting too when you see what your mind is capable of. Besides being great at what she does, Victoria is extremely caring and has made me feel comfortable and safe from my very first session. 

~XO Kate B. (mother/wife/business owner) Dec 2016

The sessions with Victoria have been everything I hoped for going into this journey. I've definitely been transformed through her healing and I continue to have amazing experiences during my sessions which are cathartic as well as enlightening. I highly recommend Victoria and thank her also for sharing her gift with the world......

~Helen G. (former drug addict- wife/mother/aspiring artist) Aug 2016

Wonderful experience I am very pleased with my session and the cost which allow me to return for more future sessions with Victoria. I also LOVE that she believes in Christ which matters to me. 

~Joan W. (medical field executive/single mother of three/charity activist)June 2016

I am an athlete. I had injured my hamstring and it was very painful. I came to Victoria in hopes of some relief from the pain. After just one session with her, I could feel my hamstring healing. With 2 more sessions and some rehab within a week time my hamstring was pain free and healed. Normally that kind of injury would take 3-5 weeks to heal. I highly recommend Victoria not just for physical healing but mental healing as well. During my sessions, Victoria guided me into a deep meditation that allowed my mind to relax. I contribute that too for the quick recovery I experienced.  An overall AMAZING healing experience.  Thank you V. 

~Joe A (professional athlete/mentor) March 2016

Victoria has helped me in so many ways. Most importantly assisting me in finding my own inner truths. We are all so programmed as children and young adults to believe what others believe. Stuff came up in my sessions that were uncomfortable and painful. Victoria's healing hands placed on my chakra's help subside the pain.  After several sessions with Victoria and much conversations, I finally have been able to heal from my heartbreaks and move into a better direction with my life. Thank you for your part in my healing journey. You are one of a kind Ms. V! 

~Leah E. (sales professional) April 2015

After the passing of my dad, I found myself questioning almost everything about myself and my life that I was so unhappily living. I didn't understand much about spiritual stuff. I didn't know what happens after we die. My dads death brought up so much confusion and doubts. After just one meeting with Victoria, I already began to feel better. We have done a lot of work together in the short time I've been seeing her. Healing sessions are so mind blowing then she does this guided meditation to see yourself in the future....Wow! Helped me so much to find my true life path. My deep desires. I've gone on a weekend retreat to the beach with Victoria. And in just that little bit of time together, God truly used this woman to bring me back to life. She is humble and loving towards everyone. Much love and gratitude to an authentic healer. 

~Tracy G. (real estate broker.......adopted three children and started a nonprofit)

   July 2014